Simon Wain

About Simon Wain

Simon Wain is widely known for building replicas as well as the complete restoration and ‘conversion’ of original working narrowboat hulls. With over 30 years experience in boat building, his hull shapes and cabins are among the most prized and admired, displaying an accuracy and quality of craftsmanship second to none. Some examples seen regularly at rallies and festivals are Shorelark, Starling, Mecca and Sara 5.

In common with all other staff at Stretton, he has a long history of working boat ownership and has collected an extensive record of accurate measurements; an invaluable resource for the production of elegant boats. He is a leader in the steel replication of wooden paneling, decking, cants and cabin planking, the manufacture of replica rivets, the forming of complex double curved Josher fore-ends and hand made accessories.

Example Work